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Tips To Select Between 850va & 600va Inverter

With power outages becoming common these days throughout the country with growing population and demand, it has become important for home owners, entrepreneurs and complex owners to look for alternative power resources. The inverter is considered to be a popular form of getting power during short or long outages. But the question that is asked by majority of the people across the globe is which type of inverter is to be used: 850VA or the 650VA. Generally people who prefer 600VA tend to get confused between these two ranges. Although 850VA capacity inverters do come with multiple benefits such as compatibility with 0.5HP water pumps along with hi-power kitchen mixers, the 600VA inverters also are found to come with their very own benefits. There are certain reasons to select them.

600VA inverter benefits

If the inverter is planned to power up just a single tube light, laptop and two ceiling fans simultaneously, then getting 600VA will be more than sufficient to meet the requirements. But if high power is required to run those high power equipments, then it will be necessary to buy high capacity inverter of 850VA.

850VA inverter benefits

Inverters capacity of 600VA and 850VA are sold mostly in the single battery range to be used at offices and homes. The latter is power packed and is recommended for offices and commercial complexes requiring more usage of power.

Why to select 850VA over the 600VA inverter?

  • When compared to 600VA, 850VA is stated to come with better charging current. This means batteries over 100mAh can be charged very quickly.
  • 850VA is also compatible to be used with wide variety of batteries, ranging from 80mAh – 200mAh). However, 600VA is found to be compatible with battery from 80mAh – 150mAh.
  • Even though, 600VA can manage 150mAh battery, this battery is better charged by the 850VA.
  • Using the inverter to ultimate capacity is prohibited as it will only reduce inverter’s lifespan over time. Hence, even if 600VA load preference is found suitable, using 850VA is suggested, so as to maintain overall better inverter health. The inverter’s lifespan is likely to get optimized if lower stress is given to it.
  • There are some kitchen appliances like the mixer grinder that does consume good amount of power. The best way to power up the mixer will be to use the inverter during outages. The modern mixer grinders do consume much more power of over 500W. This load cannot be managed by the 600VA inverter, but efficiently done by the 850VA.

Therefore, the above are the benefits and differences to be found between 600VA & 850VA inverters. Understanding this will help the person to make the right selection.

Some additional points to consider

When planning to buy high capacity inverter India, it is important to undertake thorough research. The above mentioned points are very much applicable for square wave and pure sine wave type of inverter. For office or home purpose, the latter is recommended. The former is not suitable to run sensitive electronic devices, as it will only place the same at high risk.

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