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A Few Notable Pros And Cons Of Biomass Energy

Well, one doesn’t need to be an expert in the field of science to know what biomass energy is! While talking about various energy resources on the mother earth, this type of energy is probably one of the most controversial, renewable as well as the alternative energy resources!

This biomass is basically a type of fuel that is extracted from the organic matters of the dead animals and plants. Nowadays, this sustainable and renewable energy resource is being used as an alternative to the fossil fuel resources. The energy that is extracted from this biomass is being used to initiate or create various forms of power like electricity. This article has been developed mainly concentrating on the various notable pros and cons of this sustainable energy. Read on to know more about it.

Pros of the Biomass Energy

Here a few persuasive pros of the biomass energy have been listed below.

It Is Renewable

One of the most crucial positive factors about this energy is that this devises power by making use of renewable assets. Forest debris, scrap lumber, manure, certain crops along with a few types of the waste residues can make up the biomass fuel. This biomass energy has definitely been helpful to diminish the extreme dependency on the fossil fuels.

Carbon Neutral

While using gas or coal as the energy resources, a large amount of carbon is discharged. Such toxic carbon discharges pollute the nature awfully! Well, in the case of the biomass, while extracting energy, it doesn’t discharge any carbon!


Another mentionable advantage of this sustainable and renewable energy resource is its wide availability! Organic wastes such as dead plants and grass, animal carcasses, dead leaves etc. are abundantly available.

Usage in Various Forms

Biomass energy can be utilized in various forms such as producing biodiesel, producing methane gas along with other biofuels. This can be used to spawn electricity as well.

Helps to Diminish Waste

Biomass energy is extracted from the waste residues! Well, in our daily lives, we always create solid waste of large amount. This waste includes recyclable waste, biodegradable waste, alarming toxic waste etc. So, you can easily understand that biomass energy helps with the waste management.

Cons of the Biomass Energy

Well, almost every materialistic thing is associated with some pros and cons of it! Biomass is no exception. Here a few cons of the biomass energy have been jotted down.

May Cause Deforestation

Well, wood is one of the major sources of this biomass energy. Hence, to spawn ample power, along with other wastes huge amount of woods are burned as well. Such high demand of woods may cause deforestation!  


The production cost of this sustainable biomass energy is quite expensive. In some of the cases, such huge production cost is not at all worth the usage of it!

Huge Space Requirement

Not only the production cost but the space requirement for the biomass energy production is high as well. Finding vast convenient space to establish an energy plant is really challengeable!

However, while standing on the verge of the ebb of non-renewable energy resources such as coal and gas, this renewable alternative energy resource has become extremely valued.

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