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Antique Designs Of Pendants

Antique jewelry is a reminder of the grandeur of the bygone era.  As such they are much sought after by connoisseurs of the rich cultural past.

Queen Jewels Inc (QJI) features an exquisite collection of antique, vintage style diamond jewelry. The stars of the collection are antique diamond pendants.

Victorian or antique style diamond pendants add a zing to your personality and style. These pendants hark back to the Victorian era as well as Renaissance period. The two eras are famous for heavy, intricate work.

Vintage jewelry harks back to this period of history. They are an eternal legacy to jewelry makers all over. The Victorian deigns are made of rose cut and uncut diamonds set in yellow gold, white gold or sterling silver as well as combination of gold and silver. Oxidized finish of pendants is also a typical design.

Antique vintage diamond pendants come in different designs like solid gold of 18k as well as silver antique finish. The pendants may be diamond solitaire pendants and diamond gemstone pendants. Antique diamond solitaire pendants may feature rose cut or uncut diamonds.

The value of the diamond solitaire pendant depends on the 4 C’s of diamonds: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. Cut is the most crucial and depends on the artistry of craftsmen. It influences how the facets of the diamond interact with light and the total finish of the diamond.

Clarity depends on presence of internal features called as inclusions and external features called as blemishes. Color of diamonds range from white to yellow to black. White is the most prized with minimum inclusions and blemishes. Carat is the weight of the diamond and higher the carat, the more valuable is the diamond.

Size of pendants may range from 10 mm to 5 inches. Yellow gold and white gold settings may be in 14k or 18k. Silver may have oxidized, vintage finish.

Antique gemstone and diamond pendants may feature combo styles of diamond and rubies pendants, diamond and sapphire pendant, diamond and pearl pendants and diamond and emerald pendants.

Antique pedants also feature semi precious stones like Topaz, Tourmaline, Turquoise, Opal, Garnet, Amethyst, etc. The vibrant colors of the gemstones add to the attraction of gemstone diamond pendants.

Beautiful vintage design pendants are available at amazing prices at QJI. QJI sources diamonds and precious metal from the best diamond manufacturing hubs in the world.

These materials are then crafted into fine jewelry at the factories of QJI. The jewelry is then sold directly to customers by the online store and bypasses the costs associated with show rooms. Cost savings are passed onto customers in the form of discounted prices.

Economical prices are the highlight of the QJI collection. Shipping is free in the U.S. – the primary market and for other worldwide orders- a flat $35 is charged. There is a 14 day full refund policy.

The motto of the company is “Good price, Good Product and Good service”. QJI has an in-house team of experts which bring out intricate jewelry according to the choice of the US and European market.

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