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Australia Tourist Visa, Australia Visitor Visa From India

About Australia

Australia is the only sovereign country which owns the entire continent, which is also an island. It is a country with the largest number of beaches. People visit Australia to relax and enjoy the tropical climate. The population is scarce but Australia has been reportedly tagged as one of the happiest nations among the world. It has only been some decades that tourism is developing in that country. People also migrate to Australia for higher studies now. Being a peaceful country, it is also a preferred job location among job seekers.

Visa Application

The Department of home affairs takes care of Visa issuance, and there are a number of formalities which we have to abide by. First requirement is the visa form, next being the passport which is valid for at least six months and passport size photos, valid documents, and visa fees. However the visa formalities differ from one country to another. Provided all documents are in place it takes 48 hours for visa being granted. Visa can also be applied online, and people now days mostly prefer applying online. Tourists planning to stay in Australia for a period of more than six months need to undergo certain medical tests and examination.

Visit to Australia

An Australia tourist Visa has a validity of 3 months at a time. In case a tourist wishes to stay more, then he has to leave the country and can again come back for another 3 months. US citizens holding a valid US passport and visa can visit Australia without separately applying for a visa for Australia specifically. Australia is a developed country, with vast natural resources and a good tropical climate. Many people who visit as tourists plan to migrate to the country, owing to its people friendly culture, relaxed life style and good corporate ethics. It has also become an attractive spot for students due to the quality and standard education system there. Most of the students who extend their stay after graduation also work part time along with their studies. Since education system in India is also very qualitative and standardized, most employers prefer Indians be it students or employees. Many employers even sponsor the stay for their employees whom they are not willing to let go.

Staying back in Australia

Australia visitor visa in India can last for a maximum of three years, with 12 months stay in each entry. As far as safety is concerned, Australia is a very safe country to travel, with negligible crime rates. Only things to be aware about are natural calamities and dangerous animals. Australia has seen one of the most hazardous natural calamities, claiming the lives of several hundreds of its people. With the growing number of tourists every year, the natural beauty of Australia with its coral beaches, along with the Great Barrier Reef, are gradually becoming polluted and losing the natural charm, due to extensive fishing, coral bleaching, diving etc. Australia should be targeted for touring at least once in a lifetime to experience its vast natural beauty and life style of Aussies.

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