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Excellent Cars Adapted For The Benefits Of Disabled People

The elderly and disabled citizens have serious mobility problems. They cannot enjoy an active lifestyle or even a relaxing evening ride. Some of them can’t stand and are stuck in the sitting position for life. The high-quality wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV) come to the rescue of such handicapped passengers. These cars, vans, and SUVs are fitted with special features to assist their transport.

WAV Features:

  • Accessibility is the paramount criteria while adapting a vehicle. The car’s aesthetic style is overridden to make structural changes.
  • Modifications are devised to help a disabled person’s entry and exit. He or she should be able to get in and out of the car without discomfort.
  • The vehicle’s exterior boot and rear seats are removed or rearranged. More space is created at the back for fitting in a wheelchair. An automatic gearbox is an additional feature.
  • The back roof may also be lifted up for enhancing safety. Reliability and convenience are the two most important requirements.
  • The doors and windows are also made wide and spacious. This improves access and the disabled person also does not get anxious. Parking sensors are very helpful during the time of parking places.
  • The lower parts under the doors are known as the sills. They are made lower and narrower to facilitate leg movements.
  • Ramps, motorised lifts, and hoists can ensure wheelchair access. Based on the rider’s disability, specialised frames and loaders are also used.
  • Some handicapped people prefer to drive the car themselves. An automatic or manual stowage system is also set up for the wheelchair.

Safety Guidelines

Physical disability is a very difficult and challenging experience. It can also lead to psychological stress and depression. Work and social life can keep the handicapped persons active, busy, and happy. The best wheelchair accessible vehicles can assist them in their daily or occasional travel. Buy a trustworthy WAV or adopt an older car with great care.

Front Seat Access

  • Use a convenient key or remote control with central locking system.
  • The door handles should be easily reached, opened or closed.
  • Have a safer, light weight door that opens farther and wider.

Seating Arrangement

  • Pushback seats with reclining feature assure more leg space.
  • Nothing should obstruct the specialised entry and exit technique.
  • Hand and armrest support, and holders bear the weight.
  • There should not be any sharp edges or protruding parts.
  • Seat height, weight, shape, and size has to be convenient.
  • Seat belts and adjustment features should be easy to use.

Rear Entry And Exit

  • The height, width, and proximity have to be fit and appropriate.
  • Automatic features enhance the disabled person’s self reliance.
  • Accessibility lift or ramp movements should be comfortable.

Disabled riders have difficulty in getting in or out of a car. Their immobility problem can be overcome with wheelchair accessible vehicles. New and well designed WAVs can be purchased from the market. Alternatively, Older vehicles can be adapted and fit with accessibility features. These adjustments ensure spacious seats, safer entry and exit.

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