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Five Basic Rules For Bat Surveys

Each and every task must be performed in positive manners for even results. It requires lot of sense and some basic rules for doing anything worthwhile. Same is true with the bat surveys that must be conducted by following certain rules framed by the state authorities.

Following basic rules may be understood for convenient surveys in respect of the bats:

1 Rule Number OneThe UK and European Laws protect the bats and their roosts as far as their surveys are concerned. Certain clarifications have since been initiated by the central government vide their circular number 06/2005 and the NDPF. It has stipulated that the local planning officials are required to consider a proposed development’s impact upon the protected species. It is because of the fact that they are deemed as a ‘material consideration’ for determining the planning applications. It is supposed that surveys are a must before determination of the planning application in the context of bat surveys where there is some likelihood of protected species that may be affected upon by the developments.

2 Rule Number Two It is for the information of all concerned that the local planning authorities won’t have any role and nothing would be left to conditions as regards mitigation or bat surveys. It is further clarified that only the licensed bat consultants would conduct bat surveys. He or she must possess sufficient knowledge and be equipped with necessary training for handling the surveys in positive manners. Two institutions known as Statutory Nature Conservation Organizations; i.e. Countryside Council for Wales in Wales and Natural England in England are authorized to bestow the license to bat surveyors. Such noble guys are permitted to initiate actions that otherwise would be declared unlawful under the law of the land.

3 Rule Number three – As a matter of fact, the consultant’s environmental qualifications, a science & conservation license, training and experience should be ascertained.

Bat Surveys may be classified into two categories; i.e. Scoping and Emergence. Scoping Bat Survey, i.e. Stage I may be referred to as an internal and external inspection of the building structure. Such actions may be initiated at any time during a year. This is done with a view to inform you and exclude the existence of three generators for emergence surveys. They include existence of bats whether negative or positive in addition to the proof of their activity; say urine stains, droppings, dead bat carcasses or bits of prey.

4 Rule Number Four – As said earlier; scoping bat surveys, i.e. stage one can be exercised at any time of the year. Emergence bat surveys, i.e. stage two may be accomplished when climatic conditions favor the bat activity; may be between May and Sept.

5 Rule Number FivePlanning consent can be secured by supporting your application with scoping and or emergence survey report. It will enable you to seek a planning consent. Simply speaking, scoping and emergence surveys are needed for moving the application and getting the sanction for the application. EPSL may be needed if it is applicable.

Bat surveys can be conducted in effective manners by following the above basic tips in effective manners.

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