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Is Vaginal Douche While Pregnant A Safe Idea?

What is douching? It goes on to clean your vagina, with the help of water or other fluids in the form of iodine or vinegar. It is done by squirting the liquid through a nozzle or tube and then inserted into the vagina. According to the viewpoint of medical experts, some are of the view that women, whether pregnant or not should not douche. Even in this regard, a quarter of women in the age group of 15 to 44 years in the United States, douche according to the figures which emerge out of the US Department of health.

So,douching while pregnant is a good idea or not? The simple fact is that douching once in a month will make your chances of getting pregnant all the more difficult. Research, though, suggests that douching after sex has no impact on you getting pregnant. In addition to this douching could lead to a higher risk of ectopic pregnancy, which is bound to make it difficult to conceive in the days to come. If you are douching when you are pregnant, the chances of delivering happening earlier increases all the more. Normally the process of douching is undertaken when you rinse the vagina with the help of a squeeze bottle. The tip of the squeeze bottle should be inserted into the vagina and rinse it inside till you have gone on to use all the fluid present in it.

Some of the health problems associated with douching includes infection in the vagina, bacterial vaginosis, and chances of sexually transmitted diseases. Douching is related to a host of other health problems and according to the point of view of most of the doctors, majority of the women do not douche. Douching can go on to change the balance of the vaginal flora along with the natural acidity in a healthy vagina. There are good and harmful bacteria in a healthy vagina.

On all counts douching while pregnant is indeed safe or not. The answer is no as it is bound to change the bacteria levels that you have in your vagina. This can lead to yeast infections and irritate your vagina.

Most of the women who normally douched conveyed to the researches were it is necessary for good hygiene. One of the problems associated with douching is that it goes on to disturb the practice of good and bad bacteria in the vagina. Now the question is what are you supposed to do if you are planning to clean your vagina? You can wash it outside with warm water when you bath, but from the inside it is better that it goes on to clean itself by the method of mucus. You need to take into account that a clean vagina is not bound to smell like a rose garden. But it is suggested that if you have a thick vaginal discharge it is suggested that you consult a doctor, whether it being any redness or irritation around the region of the vagina.

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