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Ladies European Tour Golf Professional Sofie Walker Talks Of Her International Adventures And Reveals How She Got Into The Sport In The First Place

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Many people may take inspiration from the likes of Ladies European Tour golf professional Sophie Walker.

In the spotlight 

In a recent interview with the Grimsby Telegraph, the sportswoman revealed that she was about two years old when she first picked up a golf club. On this topic, she remarked: “It was in the back garden with one of my dad’s old clubs before I got some plastic ones of my own. My dad played golf and, although we played every sport as kids, I’ve got a photo of me with a club when I was two, which my mum kindly sent into the Grimsby Telegraph when I was 18!”

She used to go to Cleethorpes Golf Club with her dad at the weekends. He was the handicaps secretary and the young Sophie would sit in the ProShop. Meanwhile, Eric Sharp, who was the professional golfer at Cleethorpes at the time, used to take her out for lessons from time to time.

At the age of ten, she was allowed to join the club. About this, she said: “I hated it for the first year as a member! I just hate being bad at things, and golf is a pretty difficult sport to master. But when I was about 13 or 14 I started to get pretty good. I think I was off about a nine handicap when I was 13, so I improved lots over those three years. That was when I started to play outside of the club – a few comps at Grimsby or at other courses. I think I won my first junior open at Cave Castle when I was around 13.”

A career 

When asked at what age she first considered golf to be a career, she revealed that she always wanted to be a professional sportswoman. When she was 15, she began to take golf more seriously and started to devote more time to it. Then she started thinking of taking it up full-time.

During her career so far, Sophie has experienced some impressive things. She stated: “Some of the places we get to visit are amazing – going down to Australia and South Africa is fantastic, and I really like sport in general.”

She added that getting on the Ladies European Tour was a “big highlight” and one of her proudest moments.

Get involved

Offering advice to budding golfers, Sophie said they should simply head down to their local clubs and “get involved” with the sport.

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About the Author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger and occasional golfer who has written extensively on the topic of sports for a selection of top websites, including LeSports.

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