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Spiritual Peace From Prophet TB Joshua and SCOAN

People are busy and they might face obstacles and problems in pursuing many things in life. Few might fall in bad company and few others might struggle with their studies or career, or even in relationships. Quitting is never an option though it might seem a very viable option and one of the easiest ways. There are many people who might rather escape from a problem by physically leaving the place or the people. This is just so easy only for them, but their dependents might suffer infinitely.

There are people who might suffer from diseases, which might seem serious or incurable and cause great distress. Besides the patients who are suffering from deadly diseases like cancer, or HIV, their loved ones might also suffer mentally. They might also need a word of consolation and support. They would need to be strong during this period. This is where they would need to meditate and pray. Jesus Christ has been a Savior for millions around the world. He had been so benevolent that He had chosen to sacrifice His life to repay for the sins of every individual. Today, people know that He shall even rescue them from their maladies, and worries and hence, they come to the church.

One place, which is drawing in millions of devotees like these from around the world to Lagos is Synagogue, Church of All Nations which is popular as SCOAN. The church’s founder TB Joshua hails from a very poor family and while fighting such dire conditions too, he resorted to praying. He began preaching at an age when children would be playing. He got his call in a few years, and since then he has been working actively to promote the Word of God amongst those poor souls.

He has had to fight the challenges that Satan had thrown in his way all these years, and it had not been easy too. The church building itself saw many damages and yet, the prophet TB Joshua considers this as a blessing in disguise. He feels that it is a way to go for a better infrastructure, for the church and the current building is just amazing. The SCOAN is now a responsible mission which offers solace to people through prayers to Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit while also healing those in need.

Depending on the requirement of the service that a person needs, the church responds. Many people might just wish to spend a day in the healing or get re-energized with positivity. They usually prefer visiting on Sundays, when the church is full with the devotees from around the world.

Scheduling a seat in the church for these special Sunday prayers requires planning and it is always necessary that International travelers get that first. After that, they shall check out with them for rooms and then book the tickets to Lagos. The pilgrimage to the SCOAN has benefitted millions already, continues to make miracles and wonders to those in need of spiritual and mental relief.

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