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Steps To Solve The Problem Of Blue Screen During Internet Connection

Blue screen which is commonly referred to as stop screen emerges when a critical error occurs on Windows. If such a screen appears when you connect it to the internet, the software driver which is in line with the network adaptor (that is a hardware component which enables connection to the world of web) could not be on the same page or in a way incompatible with the device. It can trigger a sense of panic in the heart of the advanced users as well. Before you go on to hire the services of a specialist, it is suggested that you go on to reinstall the original driver for the network adaptor whether the system error is resolved.

Normally blue screens emerge due to hardware problems, along with issues emerging out of low level software that is running on the kernel of windows. When the Windows encounters a stop error, a blue screen is bound to emerge. The net result is that the windows goes on to crash and then stop working. You can stop the computer and then restart it.

If you are coming across a blue error on your computer when you are connecting to the internet they could be a host of reasons. The software network which is linked with the network adaptor could be the main cause of the problem. The damage or incompatibility of the driver goes on to possess a problem with the blue screen. Just follow the below mentioned steps on how to fix the blue screen problem during internet connection before you seek any form of professional assistance.

Change the settings of the adaptor

Changing the settings of the adaptor is the first way to resolve the problem. The options are as follows

  • Click on the start menu
  • Then opt for the control panel
  • Then go on to view the network status and tasks
  • From this place, you can go on to change the settings of your adaptor

Connection with a wired network

If a blue screen emerges when you are trying to establish a connection with a wireless network, try to establish your connection to a wired one. In doing so you can right click on the local area connection.


Here you would need to select the options of properties that is available in the context menu. Here you can go on to select the configure option and then go on to click the drive tab.

The network adaptor needs to be reinstalled

Here you would need to go to the option of uninstall and then remove the network adaptor from the computer. Then you should go on to click Ok and complete the task.


Finally, you would need to restart your system. The original adaptor is re installed on your computer with windows. Now you need to try to connect to the network once again. This will go on to resolve the problem considerably. Still if you are not able to connect to the network, then you should seek the services of a professional.

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