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Thai Boxing Is Becoming The Very Best Sport For Your Health

The fitness industry is growing exponentially every passing year, and it is not always because people are becoming more aware of their health and reducing their risk of cardiovascular disease. Some would only want to improve their physical appearance while others are trying to recover their physical and mental health and prevent chronic disease. Regardless of what your goal may be, Muay Thai is becoming one of the most acclaimed sports to reach our many objectives.

Muay Thai has a millennial tradition in Thailand. The origins of this sport date back to the second century before Christ, under the name Muay Boran. It grew in popularity in Thailand, and soon it became a worldwide success when the occidental world acclaimed its health benefits and advertised them in the media. However, all of the media coverage has not changed Muay Thai, and it remains faithful to its origins and tradition.​

Nowadays, Muay Thai is not a secret kept by the Buddhist monks in Thailand. Instead, it has become a national symbol of Thailand’s people, their history, their past, and tradition. Moreover, it has turned into a shortcut to health and fitness for those who practice this sport and experience health benefits on their own.​

But why is Muay Thai recommended to control your weight and reduce your risk of chronic disease? As a short answer, we can say this sport is a very demanding discipline that features both aerobic and anaerobic work. In other words, by training Muay Thai, you will work out your muscles and your heart in the same session. It is known as the “Art of eight limbs” because it does push yourself to the maximum of your capacities once you’re in an advanced class. As a result, this is one of the most comprehensive sports, helping you burn up to 700 calories per session while building your muscle mass and speeding up your metabolism.​

That’s how Muay Thai strengthens your heart, helps you control your blood lipids, reduce your glucose levels and fights off insulin resistance and diabetes. All of these health benefits complement with plenty of mental health improvements that will contribute to the well-being of adults, children, and the entire family.​

With these health benefits in mind, and trying to integrate adults and children by making Muay Thai a fun and exciting experience, we have designed a very straightforward and comprehensive program to learn the national sport in Thailand. All over the country, we have many Muay Thai training camps such as devoted to teaching this martial art to locals and foreigners alike. ​

The program in our training camps has been designed to walk you through Muay Thai from the most basic strikes to the most advanced sessions. Even though it is a very demanding discipline, learning this sport is an opportunity to improve your health and wellbeing, meet new friends, and understand a bit more about the culture and tradition of Thailand.​

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