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What Do You Need To Know About 9apps?

Alibaba group owns this Android Company and there are about 100 million users worldwide. In countries like Indonesia and India,popularity levels of this app are immense.  Developed and released by the Android market in 2013 within a short span of time, this app has touched new benchmarks. One of the notable features of this app is that it is tiny as it is only 4 MB in size and is not going to consume a lot of space in your device.

The main motive behind the formation of this app was to provide the users with an alternative to Google play store as android applicationson this store are provided without any charge. You might have to shell out some money to download certain apps in Google play store, but on this app store, the same apps would be available without any charge. The design of this app has taken place in a user friendly manner. In fact there is a separate section in the app for games, music or to download videos by Vidmate.

The same logic applies in order to ease the process of downloading games and various apps. The moment you will start to use this app you will realize how smooth their function ceases. But for 9 apps fast download, you need to have a higher version on your Android phones. Yes, it could be downloaded in lower versions but compatibility issues might emerge with their working.

Frequent asked question pertaining to the use of 9 apps?

Before you get the ball rolling with this app there are some questions you need to find answers

Would 9 apps be compatible with all Android devices?

Yes it is compatible with all Android devices have a version of or higher. For any lower version below that compatibility issues may arise.

For IOS is there any version available of this app?

For IOS by fair it is not available. With the help of emulators on your IPhone you can use the same

On this Android market are all the applications free?

In complete contrast to Google play store it does not charge a single penny for download. Even the premium apps on this store are devoid of any charges.

Would you consider the app to be free from virus?

In spite of being a popular third party app this ceases to be one of the prominent features of this app. The best part is that it is free from any type of virus. The fact comes to the fore that they have a stringent policy against threating and malicious content. The developers would address issues with personal information and scope of content.

Is the app available on Google play store?

No is the answer. Being a third party app and one of the major competitors of Google play store it is an obvious fact that you would not find it in Google play store. The app can be downloaded from the official website only. The link is available on the website.

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