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When Should Hip Replacement Surgery Be Considered?

Hip replacement surgery or hip arthroplasty as it is known, tends to involve eliminating the hip joint’s diseased region. On getting removed, a prosthetic is inserted for providing great relief to pain and to increase mobility. There are many people who are eager to undergo this particular procedure on experiencing pain, stiffness and swelling on their hip region. It is noticed that generally patients prefer to undergo this type of surgery only if other types of treatment methods do not function as expected. Even though the patient’s life quality can be improved by a huge margin, it becomes essential for the potential candidate to discuss about any kind of existing medical condition with his physician that he may probably have. This is because, few diseases and conditions might perhaps hinder the opportunities of having a successful procedure.

Stiffness, swelling and pain

People in huge numbers will prefer taking guidance from the best hip replacement specialist in India with regards to hip replacement. The need may probably arise because of any kind of discomfort, swelling or pain emerging in the particular hip region. For many, the warning signs might possibly include pain while walking, exercising, climbing stairs or while resting. As the individual’s daily routine could be impaired severely by this pain, this type of surgery probably could be the best available solution to those who would like to have their life re-established just like before.

Failure of other types of treatments

According to the best hip replacement surgeons in India, it is necessary to understand that this is a major surgical procedure. Hence, even the smallest invasive hip replacement form could prove to be life altering. It is likely to take a good amount of time for the patient to fully recover aftermath the surgery and face pain and discomfort till then. This surgical process is to be considered only as the last resort, if all other options are found to fall short of providing complete relief. It is something that is agreed upon by the panel of medical experts and physicians across the globe.

Undergoing the procedure

Potential candidates are expected to first identify all possible non-surgical options that are available for them to get relief from  pain. There are many who are noticed to get relief simply by combing several weight loss exercises, making changes in their regular lifestyle, activity level and diet. Even some kind of anti-inflammatory medication has been found to be just sufficient to get relief. Even walker or cane could eliminate the stress faced in the specific joint region. But if all such non-surgical options have been already tried out and still more pain and less mobility is being experienced, then such patients are undoubtedly the right candidate to undergo this surgical treatment.


It is important to know that this surgical procedure is actually not meant for everyone. Those suffering from infection are to seek treatment prior to considering undergoing this surgical process. This way, the new joints will not be prone to facing infections of any type.

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