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John Kang WebMD- Liquidmetal Technologies And The Watch Industry

Liquidmetal is not confined to consumer electronics or the medical industry alone. It is widely used in the manufacture of luxury watches and is preferred for its durability, strength, and versatility. It is a bulk metallic alloy that was introduced to the world by a group of researchers at Caltech. When it was first discovered, it was used in the manufacture of sports items and later made its foray into the medical industry. John Kang is an esteemed businessman in the medical industry and an expert in the field of Liquidmetal technologies. He says the future of Liquidmetal is very bright and its application is not confined to the medical industry alone.

John Kang WebMD- Liquidmetal and its application in the luxury watch industry

The John Kang WebMD team of experts say that when there is a need for fine metallic parts, Liquidmetal is the ideal choice. It has many unique properties that make it very precise and strong. This is the prime reason why many manufacturers from different industries are discovering the benefits of Liquidmetal so that it can be used in their end products.  

The luxury watch market and Liquidmetal

John Kang says that Liquidmetal is very popular in the luxury watch market as well. For example, luxury watch manufacturer Swatch Group is using Liquidmetal extensively in its products. This premium watch company is the owner of esteemed brands like Rado, Tissot, Tiffany & Co, Omega, Longines and other notable brands. Swatch is currently the largest watchmaker in the world and recorded a revenue turnover in 2010 of over than six billion Swiss Francs.

People who are fond of luxury watches are searching for more precision in their watch models. There is a high demand in the market so a premium watch company like Swatch is always on the lookout for materials that will keep the costs of manufacture constant yet maintain the preciseness of the model manufactured in the market. The John Kang Liquidmetal expert team say that Liquidmetal is known for its preciseness when it comes to molding.  This eradicates the need for the manufacturer to take the help of a CNC milling machine for making a specific fine part. Liquidmetal helps protect the part from damage as it has recently outperformed other metals and titanium in stress tests.

The John Kang WebMD team adds that Liquidmetal is resistant to corrosion and scratches. This is why it is popular in watches that are made for sea divers, watch collectors, and seafarers. It has been used in a popular watch model of Omega that needs a special metal alloy to protect the watch undersea and keep it in good shape. Liquidmetal has the ability to meet both of these requirements with success. Luxury watchmakers are now discovering the benefits of Liquidmetal as they look ahead to manufacture timepieces that are appealing in appearance and durable when it comes to strength. Liquidmetal protects watches against corrosion and is one of the best materials for luxury watches!  

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