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Your 30th Birthday Fun Party Ideas For Making It Memorable

You’ve reached 30! Hurray! You are settled with a fine paying job, you are about to get married and everything is looking up. On top of that, your dad finally pats you on your back and tells you that he is proud of you, all the more reason for you to let it all loose with your friends on your special day.

This post will focus on some offbeat, naughty, quirky yet fun birthday party ideas that are ideal for someone who just hit their 30th birthday. Read on to know more!

Bored? Try board games!

Are you tired of trying out all the ‘in-trend’ birthday party ideas and activities? Feel like taking a trip back to the good old days when life was less digital and more realistic? Care for some quality time with your friends? Why not bring out the dusty old box filled all your favourite board games? A bit of monopoly or scary sessions with the Ouija board won’t do any harm right!?

Call in the strippers and get naughty

Well, you all are adults. Why shy away from some naughty adult fun right? On top of that, it is your birthday. So whether you are a guy or a gal, get in touch with professional adult party entertainment service providers like Central Coast Strippers for the best naughty night you ever had!

Bring out the sommelier in you with a wine tasting party

Wine – a drink that was truly made in heaven. A drink that oozes class and elegance. On top of that, with so many variations to choose from, one can sometimes feel lost when they go wine shopping. So, to satiate all the questions that you and your friends might have, why not host a wine tasting party and that too in your own backyard!? Sounds silly? Well, that is the idea! Silly is fun and since it is your 30th birthday, you are entitled to some silly fun.

Themed party is the modern way to go

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Did you envy the character in the Great Gatsby since he hosted such extravagant parties and often enjoyed the limelight with expensive drinks in his hands? Why not do that on your birthday this year? Yes, you read that right. Host a Great Gatsby themed party or any other movie theme that you fancy. Be advised, since you all will be drunk, don’t start thinking that you have superpowers given you plan a Justice League-themed party.

Only drinks party

Most of the time, parties are all about food and dresses. Why not focus on hosting a party that focuses only on drinks! No food and no strict dress code. Just awesome looking glassware and all your favourite drinks up for grabs. Be sure to ask the preferences of your friends as well since you don’t want anyone invited to feel left out right!?

Every year, you complete another milestone and that itself is something that needs to be celebrated extravagantly. Be sure to go for any of the ideas mentioned in this post. If you have some of your own, feel free to share them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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